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Legacy Society

When you let us know that your estate plan includes the Foundation, we welcome you to our Legacy Society. You’ll be informed about our activities and initiatives, and receive invitations to Foundation events and community gatherings.

On behalf of future generations, we thank our Legacy Society members for their generous commitment to making a difference in their own backyard for years to come:


Millette Alexander
Anonymous (2)
James R. & Kaye E. Barker
Elizabeth Crotty
Susan Titus Glascoff
Edward E. Harrison
Lori Hashizume
William R. & Audrey Knobloch
Barbara Littlefield
Jeremy & Patricia Main
Ann S. Mandel
Thomas R. McCullough
Roy G. Neumann
Leo Nevas
Albert G. Nickel
Janice Park
Cheryl D. Reedy
June Rosenthal
Edgar T. See
Richard A. Smith, Esq.
Betty & Samuel Z. Smith
Mary S. Waldron
Joan & Fred Weisman
Muriel Wilson


Carlton Anderson, Jr.
Donald C. Baldwin
Elizabeth Wingfield Barnett
Nancy Bassett
Charlton Lyman
Ida Davidoff
Barbara Benton Davis
Frances Marian Deas
Sally Dickson
Anna K. Dziuba
Robert B. Factor
Mary Elizabeth Farman
Jane Gade Halliwell
Eduvina Hennigar
Dorothy Herrmann
Mary Elizabeth Hill
Mia Holthausen
Elizabeth Matthews
Stella Margaret McHenry
Helen Muller
Elizabeth Bissell Northcross
Edward Vernon Nunes
Grace Nunes
Nancy J. Pilgard
James Powell-Tuck
Jonathan Prince
Philip W. & Frances Ramer
Jean Gregory Richmond
David E. Robinson
Dorothy M. Savage
Harriet S. Sherman
Edmund C. Spencer
Ruth Sternbach
Edward Warren